Integrated Web Marketing

Integrated Web Marketing Services

Integrated Web Marketing To Amplify Response

Created and Managed by a dedicated team, all activities are executed in accordance with a pre-defined road map.

The integrated web marketing team also works in close coordination with your marketing and sales teams to integrated any offline activities.

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Result, Maximum Reach & Amplified Response with:

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) - Online Marketing Services

A. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where a wide range of white-hat techniques are employed to make your website appear on top of search engine results pages, also known as SERPs.Target Keywords are finalized after in-depth research on your company, existing competition and target customers behavioral patterns on web. SEM consists of:

  1. Organic Search Engine Optimization – Also called Organic SEO
  2. Paid Search Engine Advertisements – Also called pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Online Marketing ServicesB. Social Media Marketing (SMM) where customer engagement channels are created and maintained for your company. Popular social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and others thereby suitably tapped.

The team interacts with your existing customers as well as engages new ones through forums and discussion groups. This also helps build a resilient customer service platform spanning multiple social media.

  1. Branded Social Profile Management – Also called Fan Page Marketing
  2. Paid Social Media Advertisements – Also called cost-per-click (CPC) marketing

Content Development Services - Online MarketingC. Content Development – Content Marketing strategies employed by AiDASiNC’s expert copy-writing team cover opportunities from link building, to picture-video- presentations networks, blogs-article-document networks, surveys-opinion-polls, product promotions, and more.

Electronic Direct Mailers (EDM) - Online Marketing ServicesD. Email Marketing (Electronic Direct Mailers – EDM) where skilled copywriters create engaging promotional messages, special offers, event announcements, teaser campaigns around your product or services.

Such campaigns are effectively employed to maintain relationships with existing customers and reach your prospective target audiences directly.

Web Design & Development - Online Marketing ServicesE. Web Design/Redesign & Development forms an integral part of any integrated web marketing plan. The team works on your existing website to re-design, if required, as per latest web standards and SEO guidelines. The most important objective is to bridge the gap between your existing website and your target audiences’ expectations.

Social Integration and optimization as per latest search engine guidelines forms a very crucial component of the web design and development project.

Web Design / Re-design consists of,

1.    Project Definition – Forming a project brief and a project plan

2.    Site Structure –Created based on the site’s goals and target audience profile

3.    Visual Design – Based on defined purpose of the website; designers get creative here

4.    Site Development – Unique content is integrated with web standard templates and databases

5.    Testing – Browser compatibility testing, usability testing

F. Leveraging Offline Advertisements. Web marketing technologies allow measurement of marketing ROI like none other. AiDASiNC continuously measures online marketing campaigns – an essential to get the most out your campaigns.

Offline Marketing Campaigns - Online Marketing CampaignsBut what happens to your offline marketing and advertising programs? Can they be amplified, leveraged, tracked and response measured therein?

Absolutely, at AiDASiNC we do just that.

  1. In-depth data analytic to gauge market demand
  2. Close co-ordination with your offline marketing agencies
  3. Amplification of offline marketing campaigns on online media
  4. Post campaign analysis and performance benchmarking to measure effectiveness

For example, AiDASiNC leverages search data to assess the performance of a newsprint campaign. Co-ordination, tracking and co-relating search impressions helps determine demand generated by that particular newsprint campaign. By closely analyzing impressions, volume, search queries, CTR, conversion rates based on custom tracking program for each campaign, the campaign director can make gain keen insights about the effectiveness of offline marketing campaigns.