World Class Healthcare Marketing – 3 Tips

AiDASiNC’s Healthcare Marketing services can build for your company world-class brand presence and visibility. What more, by increasing goodwill, your company will also see qualified lead generation system developing for health, beauty, supplements, weight loss, and skin care products / service industries.

Healthcare Marketing by AiDASiNC

Healthcare Marketing by AiDASiNC – Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Healthcare Marketing – Huge Assortment Of Categories

Healthcare Marketing is about a huge assortment of products, services, accessories and assortments therein. And affordable, reliable and efficient healthcare marketing requires smart management of multiple challenges posed by variations in the global as well as local buyer psyche.

Innovative Healthcare Marketing by AiDASiNC

Innovative Healthcare Marketing by AiDASiNC – Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG /

Healthcare & Beauty Marketing – Some Work Here!

Ayurvedic Candies, Ayurvedic Cosmetics, Ayurvedic Food, Ayurvedic Jams, Ayurvedic Oil, Ayurvedic Formulations Body Scrubbers Bath Oil, Shower Gels, Handmade Bath Soaps, Bath Gel, Bath Scrubber, Body Mud Combs, Hair Removal Machine, Hair Iron, Barber Chairs, Shampoo Beds, Laser Hair Removal Machine Body Lotion, Body Oils, Snow Spray, Talcum Powder, Body Cleanser, Baby Carrier Deodorants, Perfume, Deo Spray, Ladies Perfumes, Synthetic Fragrances, Peppermint Products Body Tattoos, Cosmetic Cream, Lipstick, Mascara, Beauty Care Services, Lip Gloss Ear Drops, Earplugs, Ear Syringes, Cotton Swabs Amla Oil, Aroma Oil, Aromatherapy Oil, Fish Oil, Flower Oils, Lubricating Oils, Medicated Oil, Natural Oil, Neem Oil, Sunflower Oil Contact Lenses, Eye Drops, Reading Glasses, Convex Mirror, Eye Pads, Eye Masks Slimming Machine Foot Cream, Elastic Bellows, Foot Gel, Foot Massager Hair Color, Hair Gel, Hair Oil, Hair Shampoo, Almond Oil, Anti Dandruff Shampoo Food Supplement, Protein Supplements, Food Vitamins, Blood Pressure Meter, Nasal Drops, Veterinary Product Herbal Cosmetics, Herbal Extract, Herbal Powder, Herbal Tea, Herbal Blends, Alfalfa Powder Massage Oil, Massage Electric Pillow, Massage Bed, Massage Lotions, Scalp Massager, Massage Balls Dermatology Equipment, Hematology Analyzer, Ophthalmic Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Wheelchair Accessible Tables, Rehabilitation Equipment, Aromatherapy Medicine, Chemotherapy Drugs, Health Medicines, Natural Remedies, Marijuana Drug, Herbal Medicines Nail Cutter, Nail Polish, Nail Printer, Nail Drill, Artificial Nail, Nail Gel Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, Dental Floss, Oral Rinse, Dental Hygiene Products Bulk Drugs, Capsules & Tablets, Drug Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Raw Material Contraceptives & Condoms, Sex Medicines, Hoodia Medicine, Revitalizer for men, Sex Oil, Personal Lubricants Mouthwash, Skin Care Creams, After Sun Lotion, Skin Tonic, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Tanning Oils Aftershave Lotion, Razors & Shavers, Shaving Soap Bowls, Razor Blades Spa Tub Covers Weight Loss Patches, Diet Gel, Weight Loss Supplements, Slimming Products

Some Interesting Facts for Healthcare Marketing companies:

  1. Top 5 Competitive Health Care Markets on Globe -India | United States | United Kingdom | Canada | Germany
  2. Top 5 Healthcare Markets on Globe -Malaysia | Italy | Canada | South Africa | United Kingdom
AiDASiNC eMarketing - Healthcare Marketing for Higher ROI

AiDASiNC eMarketing – Healthcare Marketing for Higher ROI (Image courtesy of Craftyjoe /

Top 3 Things To Do For Better, High ROI Healthcare Marketing

  1. In Healthcare Marketing, e-Branding Works – Healthcare marketing as researched and experienced by experts at AiDASiNC works on One Major Factor – Brand Goodwill. So for manufacturers and distributors of healthcare products and services, it is prudent to invest in building brand value in target markets.
LRWORLD Website Snapshot - Best of Healthcare Marketing

LRWORLD Website Snapshot – Best of Healthcare Marketing

Like Amway and LR, two of the most popular direct sales healthcare marketing companies on globe. Healthcare marketing mostly targets buyers who are higher up in the social strata. And what could be more affordable than having a strong brand visibility and reputation on the internet? For most likely, such buyers would be smart phone savvy.

  1. Integrate Direct Marketing And e-Push – Some of the leading healthcare marketing brands have been heavily relying on direct sales through independent business partners. Their customers benefit from individual advice from people they know in social circles and the partners benefit from attractive extra incomes. Website Snapshot - Best of Healthcare Marketing Stores Website Snapshot – Best of Healthcare Marketing Stores

Exporting to international markets requires a state – of – art online presence. What can be a major sales tool here would be a robust social media network aided by a resilient website. An online store where distributors or business partners can reach out anytime and place orders. An online brochure that sales affiliates can readily showcase to prospective clients. Ignorance of the internet, by many healthcare marketing companies is only detrimental.

  1. Online Makes Healthcare Marketing Easy – Look at It is one of the most popular sites on globe and look at what they have been successfully doing since 1999. Right from Free Shipping to local as well as international destinations, to Instant Coupons for furture sale redemptions to huge range of SKUs, they have been there and done that for ages.

Is your healthcare marketing lagging behind?

Drugstore is one amazing company. Imagine the high ROI that its healthcare marketing might be generating with these figures:

823,000 Facebook Fans | 18,000 Twitter Followers | 100~105 Million Visitors p.a

A conservative estimate says, at an average ticket size of US$ 25, would be generating more than US$ 52 Million p.a.

Get Highest ROI From Integrated e-Healthcare Marketing

A good healthcare marketing program would require a generous blend of traditional media with new age media. And as reflecting in the above two cases of LR and Drugstore, both have systematically been integrating these media for high gains.

  1. LR, with their continued focus on Direct Sales Affiliates and E-Marketing of their website.
  2. Drugstore, with their integrated e-Marketing across properties aided by the Walgreens network.

So should you be considering expanding to newer markets, increasing your healthcare marketing ROI and staying ahead of competition, AiDASiNC e-Marketing can do some wonders for you. Feel free to contact experts at AiDASiNC for a one-on-one, no-obligation discussion on the various possibilities in Healthcare Marketing. Explore opportunities and avenues to reach new markets for a stronger, reliable and affordable healthcare marketing for your company.

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