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A a digital marketing agency, Aidasinc helps connect client businesses with their potential buyers across national and international markets. The team works with organizations big and small and helps them in demand generation and customer acquisition through web marketing processes.


What is Aidasinc?


Aidasinc stands for the Synchronization of a customer’s buying process, starting with AWARENESS to developing INTEREST to enabling DECISION MAKING and lead nurturing to take desired ACTION.


What is performance linked marketing program?


Businesses often complain about:

  1. Limited access to skilled marketing teams
  2. Unjustifiable marketing agency costs
  3. Non-performing advertising campaigns
  4. Result oriented marketing frameworks
  5. Copycat marketing strategies that don’t work


Aidasinc’s unique performance linked marketing program helps solve all of the above challenges businesses face.


Our Vision


At Aidasinc, we believe in delivering value to our client through every campaign that we work on. Our team works with clients across multiple time zones and is virtually connected through state of art project management tools. And there is a common objective that drives us all, to solve our client’s marketing challenges and to grow as our clients’ businesses grow. To enable smooth functioning and deliver the best performances, we work with a vision is to be the most,

  1. Agile marketing agency
  2. Reliable marketing team
  3. Affordable marketing company


Since 2008


We started Aidasinc in 2008 with a mission to help businesses tap the growing internet users with affordable, reliable and agile marketing services. Over a period of time, we gained invaluable experience and expertise in diversified industry sectors ranging from eCommerce, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Real Estate and Retail. Today, with over 20 man years of experience in diverse fields of marketing starting from content development, strategy, automation, artificial intelligence, user engagement analytics, conversion rate optimization and more; the team knows “what works”. This allows for customization of marketing processes that ensures our clients’ businesses short term and long term desired business results.

The performance linked marketing program is designed to offer businesses a single point contact for unlimited branding, traffic, fans and leads but pay only for actual business results.


The Performance Marketers


With Aidasinc, your business gets that added entrepreneurial edge that can help you generate more business and grow your revenue.



About Us | The Performance Marketers
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