Plan Your Online~Digital Marketing With Profitable Pricing

Planning to hire professional online-digital marketing agency or a digital marketing specialist consultant? Aidasinc offers both, and the best marketing services, to grow business without breaking the bank. Get advanced online~digital marketing, branding, advertising and publicity on search engines, social media sites, industry portals, referral networks, affiliate sites for high quality customer traffic, leads and sales conversions.


Fees? Where marketing agencies charge from a  few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in advertising budgets, Aidasinc’s performance linked – Pay Per Sale / Customer Acquired – marketing services model bills a small percentage of the incremental revenue generated. And helps companies save thousands of “fixed” marketing dollars that are otherwise being spent irrespective of real business results!


In other words, in traditional marketing models, a company pays for brand building, social media fans and follower buildup, website development, hosting, maintenance, advertising and other costs; all of which may not deliver revenue growth. But with Aidasinc, your company can save on all non-productive costs and pay only for actual business generated.


And to give an illustration on how much a company can save from Aidasinc’s marketing services, here’s what digital marketing costs in the US:


The average industry fee for a monthly retainer contract doesn’t go beyond $3,000.
The average fee across all U.S. regions for a monthly-retainer contract ranges between $1,000 and $3,000.
However, in Europe, it is a bit lower, around $751

Standard Digital Marketing Pricing In India


Yes, digital marketing pricing in India is much more affordable than that charged by agencies abroad. For fixed retainer marketing programs, standard off the rack packages are most popular. These are 100% scale-able, and can be expanded to hundreds of keywords, multi network social media marketing campaigns, paid outreach program across multiple networks and more, as per requirements.


Search Engine Marketing
Basic SEO
Online branding and promotions for organic referencing and keyword ranking on search engines, traffic growth, lead generation.
Affordable Pricing
Plan for 10-15 keywords at US$ 125 pm. 100% scaleable based on requirements. Special discounts available for annual contracts.
Social Media Marketing
Basic SMO
Audience targeted, conversion focused, creative social media updates, fan engagement, page likes, insight analytics for 2 channels.
Affordable Pricing
Plan for 10-12 updates at US$ 125 pm. 100% scaleable based on requirements. Special discounts available for annual contracts.
Pay Per Click Marketing
PPC / Ads
Highly targeted, creative ads for text and display media; reach specified audiences, re-marketing, lead generation, conversion tracking.
Affordable Pricing
Minimum US$ 110 pm or 15% of ad spend, whichever is higher. Special discounts available for annual contracts.


Please Note: For best marketing results, a customized plan is the best way to proceed. This requires diligent analysis of client’s business, target audiences, marketing objectives, competitive intelligence insights and market demand. Before starting a new project, Aidasinc conducts such competitive research to prepare customized marketing plan and share with the client for analysis and approval.

Why customized plan? It is most suitable to develop niche strategies that get sites like Google to notice the client’s brand and at the same get their target audiences to connect positively. This is particularly important when a client business is in high competition market, where out-pacing competitors and fulfilling ROI needs requires a tailor-made approach.


Check alternatives and compare gross savings with Performance Marketing
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 mentioned earlier.




Hire best digital marketing specialists and pay only for results!

The Best Way To Make This Work?


Get the best results by following these steps:


  • Download master plan (if not already done) from here: Master Plan Outline
  • Identify segments important for your business or take all (need help? contact us)
  • Explore, compare agency plans to generate average pricing for your priorities
  • Contact us by email or submit contact form to let us know your requirements
  • Get our analysts to evaluate your project details and contact you with best plan
  • After sign-up, we appoint our professional team to work on your marketing project
  • Track performance on detailed analytic dashboards and marketing reports
  • Increase scope of work based on performance and business revenue growth


FAQs: How To Get Started?

+ What is Turn Around Time (TAT)?
++ When can I expect business results?


Our team works Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Most of our time is utilized in optimizing client projects and connecting with respective audiences, industry experts for community engagement. Given the dynamic nature of the digital industry, changing search algorithms and continuous updates from various media networks, the marketing plan for every project is thus customized as per client’s business and marketing objectives.

For example if you are a furniture manufacturer exporting to south east Asian countries, the strategy for search engine marketing in your target regions will vary. And social media marketing to reach your target audiences will depend in your customer profile and demographics, so Linkedin may be a better network to work on than say Facebook or Twitter.

Similarly for an orthopedic hospital in city A, the selection of keywords, social networks, content strategy and conversion tactics will depend on target audience demography and marketing objectives.

Or for that matter a restaurant will have a separate set of activities…

Hence before starting your project, the team conducts a competitive research of your customer needs, your competitors’ strengths~weaknesses and your company’s products~services. Based on findings, a customized marketing action plan and road-map is prepared and shared with you for approval.

The team works diligently to ensure that planned activities and timelines are met. However, turnaround times can vary or extend based on the size of the project, the complexity of the project, the competitiveness of the niche of the project, and developments in search algorithms and respective media policies. Please allow us the appropriate amount of time to get you the highest quality results from the best marketing services, possible.


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Plan Your Online~Digital Marketing With Profitable Pricing
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