Why Burn Money On Ads? Switch To Results!

Pay After Sales Marketing Agencies in India

This season, switch to a better way of marketing… Performance Marketing; where you pay only for real business results that matter, SALES.


Yes, get the online branding, search engine ranking, social media referrals and affiliate traffic that you want. Get the pre-qualified leads that you want but pay only for the actual conversions. Isn’t that what you want?


Pay After Sales Marketing Agencies in India

Pay After Sales Marketing Agency in India


Performance Marketing Agencies In India


There are performance marketing agencies in India, but they offer pay per lead services. That is great, but have you experienced situations where your sales funnel is full of leads but very few are converting?



And worse still, have you been paying exorbitant prices for such leads from,

  1. Pay per click advertising
  2. Lead generation agencies
  3. Outbound telecalling agencies
  4. Bulk email marketing campaigns
  5. Mass SMS marketing campaigns
  6. Business listings on trade portals
  7. Organic traffic from SEO projects
  8. Spike in traffic from print media ads
  9. Spurt in direct traffic from TV/radio commercials
  10. Leads or website visitors from pamphlet distribution


If yes, you will appreciate a truly disruptive performance marketing service where you STOP PAYING for marketing that doesn’t generate sales.


What Makes This Stand Apart


If you are a youngster looking at generating tonnes of traffic to your blog or website for Google Adsense revenue, this performance marketing plan is not the right thing for you. But if you are a serious businessperson looking for actual sales conversions that directly add value to your topline as well as bottomline, SignUp with us today!


best performance marketing agencies in India

Among the best performance marketing agencies for your business


Who should signup?


This marketing plan is best suited for companies that are looking at:


  1. A steady growth in customers
  2. An additional source for customer acquisition
  3. Increased conversion from existing website traffic
  4. Higher ROI from existing digital / online marketing
  5. Upgrading to state of art web marketing campaigns


How Performance Marketing Helps


The performance marketing services at Aidasinc is lead by a team of professional digital marketers with over 20 man years of experience. The team has handled over 100 projects since inception and across multiple industries like hospitality, healthcare, eCommerce, real estate, professional services, manufacturing, farm produce and more… And this experience is being offered with a deep sense of passion and commitment for the benefit of it clients through a pay – after – sale – marketing model. If you signup, your business will benefit by way of:


  1. Savings of your marketing dollars by NOT PAYING for wrong traffic
  2. Prevention of wastage of your time on LOW QUALITY leads
  3. Protection of your management resources on TECH KNOW-HOW
  4. Reduction of marketing downtime due to SERVER problems
  5. Drop in time to market your products and services with FAST ACTION team


And at end of day, you needn’t worry about our Performance Marketing plan, as you will Pay Only for Actual Sales! Isn’t it?


So SignUp Today and take the first mover competitive business advantage in your industry. Contact us for more details by filling the form here: www.aidasinc.com/fms


Sameer Bhaduri

Sam is co-founder at Aidasinc who helps businesses grow customers at least costs possible. He leads a creative and passionate team of marketers, social media enthusiasts, bloggers and web engineers to deliver innovative digital marketing solutions.