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Basic Web Marketing Program

Basic Web Marketing Plan

AiDASiNC will create, design, manage fresh Content, Organic SEO, PPC Campaigns to,

 Amplify Your Visibility = Get You More Leads

Basic Web Marketing Program

Basic Web Marketing Plan

Marketing costs are usually a huge drain on businesses, small and big. This is because response to much of their spend on traditional marketing channels cannot be measured adequately. And as experts say, 50% of your money in such situations is probably spent on non-profitable audiences.

AiDASiNC’s Basic Web Marketing Service is designed for companies wanting to explore the web for business leads.

It is designed to Cut Costs, Get More Leads and is managed by a Dedicated Web Marketing Team!

Not convinced? Click here to see how AiDASiNC increased client web traffic by 700% and delivered 200 times ROI!

Since 2008 AiDASiNC has been successfully serving clients from sectors such as hospitality, consumer goods, education, health, IT, engineering, real estate and construction.

* Includes PPC campaign management charges only for budgets upto Rs. 5,000/- p.m. * Monthly PPC budget extra.
* Some websites need to be optimized (On-Page SEO) before starting the campaign. On-page SEO charges  extra.

Reduce Your Spend & Push Up Your Sales

Experience the thrill of rising inquiries & high ROI!

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