4 Lowest Cost Internet Advertising Tools

As smart businesses, you will always want to get the most out of your advertising budget. Considering seasonal ups and downs in your business, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re getting the best returns all through the year. Making your advertising spend more efficient is very much possible in many different ways. If, and only if, you are smartly using the opportunities in internet marketing.

Get More BANG with your Advertising Budget!


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***** The world has undergone a drastic change since your college day marketing and advertising models, more so in the  last few years! And as a wise business owner, it is important that you change with the times to get the most from the world-wide-web. Here are some my top 10 favorite ways that can make your dollars do more!

A. Collaborative Marketing & Cross Promotions.

Hunt, connect and collaborate with other companies, with complementary products and services, who are trying to reach the same target customers as you are.

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Age old barter systems can drive high quality customers to each other through innovative bundled promotions. Why, even your advertising dollars can be clubbed together to create a compelling internet campaign that you cannot afford on your own. Online Tour & Travel Advertising – Resorts, Travel Agents, Car Rentals, Adventure Clubs and florists can join hands to build a formidable internet presence that helps each other out!

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B. Squeeze The Tube – Go Youtube!

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Youtube- To promote your brand!

In-person cold-calling, seminars and demonstrations are good for businesses but have become increasingly expensive. Least to mention the valuable man-hours wasted in travel and waiting in reception rooms. So businesses that have a longer sales cycle or a complicated product that needs to be demonstrated can squeeze the best out of You Tube – Flickr – Slideshare – Vimeo and others, least to mention is their own website. Get your employees, existing customers and well-wishers to “Like” and spread the videos to their social networks on Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter / Google+. Watch for yourself the surprising viral effect this does to your brand!

C. You Can Squeeze Google Adwords – Negative Keywords

Stretch your advertising budget by doing the most obvious. Squeezeeeee out the negative keywords from your PPC / CPC campaigns. What usually happens is that most businesses that are using Adwords just “set and forget” their campaigns. While it works well as clicks flow in without micro-management, what it also does is burn your dollars for Zero Conversions! Check out Google AdWords placement targeting campaign tips for more information on this.

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D. Viral Captive Database With Social Media Campaigns

Most smart businesses will vouch for a Facebook Fan Page. Why? Because you can then promote your stuff to your fans and the friends of fans “socially” with just One-Click! We have been running social media campaigns for clients that generate steady flow of Facebook fans at a very low cost. And these are the very list that you can reach out to over and over again. Sounds interesting? Why not get started today! ***** Contact us to know How We Work and how we can help you Grow Sales Revenues with Lowest Cost Internet Advertising strategies. Complimentary Report – LOWEST COST Areas Of e-Improvement We offer to share with you a Complimentary, Custom-Researched Report about your Company. This will include Online Demand Analysis from your Target Customers, your Current Website Performance, your Top 3 Competition Analysis and few LOWEST-COST areas of improvement that can help you INCREASE SALES. Cell: +91.9004561023   |   Phone: +91.253.2399648   |   Email: [email protected]

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