Top Free Marketing Sites For Small Business Owners


Are you a small business owner looking for free marketing sites? If yes, here is some good news for you. There are a wide range of new age marketing platforms that offer businesses free marketing opportunities. This post is an attempt to list some of the top free marketing sites that you can use to promote your brand, your products and your services to attract new customers and engage your existing client base. And if you need skilled marketing assistance to help you optimize your online presence, that is now available for free too. Unlimited, forever free during Aidasinc’s Friday Happy Hours. See more below.



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Top Free Marketing Sites For Every Business


  1. Facebook. Did someone ever miss this site for his / her business. I bet not. However, Facebook still remains one of the most underutilized sites for business promotion by a majority of business owners. Facebook places, custom audiences, events, store, insights and re-marketing tools are some of the many opportunities small business owners miss out on. What could be the reason?
  2. Google. Ok, you know this one right? But hey, did you know that Google stands out a clear leader in small business marketing opportunity for free! And why did I list it after Facebook? For one, most business owners attribute technical stuff like SEO and PPC to Google marketing… and consider both of them as paid options. However, the fact remains that Google happens to offer hundreds of smart marketing options. Like Google local, webmaster tools, analytics, tag manager, business pages, hangouts, keyword planner, trends, drive, alerts, calendar, feedburner, youtube, blogger, app maker and many more. Again, what makes business owners ignore these awesome opportunities I wonder…
  3. AiDASiNC. Oh yes! You must be wondering, but see this link [FMP]. I tell you this a no brainer to list our free marketing services / program with the likes of Facebook and Google. Let me explain why… the FMP provides business owners with the opportunity to tap the best branding, advertising and promotion options available today! Free marketing ideas and campaigns that they are probably unable to tap or are unaware of… maybe even being ignored! FMP offers free mobile friendly website, branding, promotions and advance analytic services that are required to make any business marketing successful. You may like to visit the following link [Click Here]to see more details and contact us for a chat with our Customer Acquisition Specialists.





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Well that’s not end of list. You can keep exploring, experimenting and optimizing over hundreds of other free marketing to seek how to promote website free of cost. However overwhelming it may sound, your business must do everything to promote your website online, daily.


And if this sounds a non-core activity for you, or you have limited team and time resources to go through this daily grind,  I will recommend the Free Marketing Program to you. Take a demo from our Customer Acquisition Specialists for free today.


Because if you don’t promote your website online [ and do it right ], your business is most likely to loose out to the new age of competitors in your industry.


The Importance of Effective Marketing - Zillion Dollar Marketplaces

The Importance of Effective Marketing – Zillion Dollar Marketplaces


Other 15 Popular Sites To Advertise To Millions

Here are some more free marketing sites that you can use to advertise your business and your products to millions of your target audiences, locally or globally.



Marketing to the right target audience in today’s multicultural and hyperactive consumer marketplaces requires sustained efforts and a skilled marketing team. It requires specialist skills, data analytics and user engagement optimization with a 360° approach.


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